H&H baby photo!

H&H baby photo!

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Hotels & Highways tour the NE next week!

This photo was taken 3 years ago at the conception of what is for me, my most fulfilling musical collaboration on every single level.  We met in the early fall to see what three friends sounded like singing in a cabin and it just keeps working every time, wherever and whenever.

We are excited to provide the soundtrack in Autumn’s favorite place to show off, the Sweet Northeast. We’ll be stopping off to grab cider and donuts in VT, NH and ME and perhaps a little whiskey in Cambridge, Ma (our fair city) .

October 2, 2013

3 Pork Hill - The Ossipee Grange // Ossipee, NH

October 3, 2013

Bates College // Lewiston, ME

October 4, 2013

Lizard Lounge // Cambridge, MA

October 5, 2013

Pierce’s Inn // Etna, NH

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Pat Cupples releases debut EP on birthday.

Here is the story.  Last year, just weeks after Hank was born, I spent 10 hours in the wonderfully efficient and beautiful Bunker Studio in WIlliamsburg.  I was joined by the incredible (apply to all) Matt Aronoff on bass, Lee Pardini on keys, Spencer Cohen on drums and my good friend/producer Gerald Hammill (also on guitar).  This music is pretty much the result of that one day.  Gerald added a couple guitar noises after the fact, and my fellow H&H-er Lisa Piccirillo sang some BG’s (not the Australian hit-makers). More than ever before in my career, this recording is a live band playing together.  My friend Kevin Harp, (also a new father) did a great job mixing.  Lane Gibson mastered.

Special thanks to Eddy Vallante who pushed me to get this out and did the album photography.  Syd and ATW (Aaron Taylor Waldman) did design work.  I am most grateful to my wife, Nackie for pushing me to go make music in the midst of 3 week-old craziness.  Henry would get a thank you but he had no idea what was going on.  Ah, what the hell… Thanks son!

Happy birthday, Pat!

PS- Of course this isn’t my debut, but this is Pat Cupples first foray into album artwork.

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This month I am going to try to get a little more day into my day.  The only way I can see to achieve this is to wake up with the sun every morning.  I’m sure people do this all the time.  I picture Gordon Gecko on his monstrous cell phone on the beach calling to wake up Bud Fox.  However, I’m not trying to get rich… just trying to write, work out, or get a moment to think before the craziness begins.

While I consider the fact that I am writing this a complete success, the second I sat down, the little man started to cry.  I guess craziness doesn’t sleep in.

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Godin Event

Sitting at the Godin event as I type. If you’re stopping by because you heard Lisa and I sing today.
Please email me at patrickcupples@gmail.com so I can send you a bunch of music.

PS Thanks for clapping during Train Whistle. One of the most rhythmic audiences ever!

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Today was going to be take your son to work day.  Not nationally sanctioned or anything. But with our mangled schedule of daytime parent-swapping I thought I could multi-task and do my day job with Henry attached to me… If only we could get out the door.

Baby shoes are pointless.  There are some great and adorable shoe-like coverings for babies. My good friend Tim Blane got us some soft converse all-stars that were awesome!  Not really shoes, but looked like shoes.  Perfect! 

A company in Vermont called Zutano makes these wraparound booties that don’t fall off.  We received them as hammy-downs and are now ordering our third pair.  Let me repeat, they don’t fall off!  Unfortunately, the next size (long overdue) has not arrived yet.

Honestly, in good weather, Henry is happy to be barefoot and I like to oblige him when roaming our quiet neighborhood of Greenpoint, but something about the subway and Manhattan made me pull some actual baby shoes that we had hastily purchased out for a trial.

20 minutes of trying to put them on left us both cranky. When they finally stayed put, Henry proceeded to be taking steps as if he was on the moon.  Hilarious and ridiculous.  Seconds later he had pushed them off his feet and he was standing and walking around the coffee table like a normal earthbound baby.  We both breathed a little easier.

It is now get other stuff done day.  Officially!

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Funny and sad

A pedestrian was being beraded by a homeless man and as I caught eyes with the walker-by we had to smile to each other.
The randomness of this event was surprising to the point o humor, and then you start to think about the life that is damned by choices or in-balance.
I’m thinking its ok to share the humor of the moment so
long as we share the pain for a moment as well.

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My Hero!

We have a wonderful 24 hour bodega on the corner of Green and Manhattan called A&J.  They are very sweet, stock really quality items/produce and let me take my dog into the store.

They are not cheap, but what I saw yesterday will trump that fact for all time.

I walked in to find one of their workers on the sidewalk with a length of twine leaning over the subway grate.  A panicked jogger girl looked on.  Pulling up on the twine he called for chop sticks.  He proceeded to chopstick grab a set of keys from depths of hell that is the area below the grate and hand them to the young lady who’s day was saved.

The twine had a rock tied to the end with the sticky side of masking tape facing out.  The weight of the rock helped the tape afix itself to the keys.  Awesome feat of engineering and good-heartedness.

What I loved more than the look of gratitude on the key-losing-jogger-girl’s face was the look of pride and satisfaction from the good-deed-doer.  It made me feel good.

Now I am going to attach a rock and twine to this broken hard drive and twirl it against a wall!  Save my hard drive A&J

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Time Machine, Swallow the Sun, Choir

Tonight, I’m heading into the studio with the Matts (Aronoff and Bogdanow), Lee Pardini (of Mia Dyson keys/bass recording genius) and my esteemed producer Gerald Hammill.

It took a lot of kitten juggling to make this happen and these guys have proven their patience with me.  Sometimes, it seems like the world conspires for or against us, but its important to remember we can make something happen anyway.

Excited to rock into the wee hours.

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