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Quotes From our Fan-Mily and Traditional Press

As we send this record out into the world, it's not just the opinions of the press that matter to us -- it's the warm, unpolished encouragement of our peers, fans, friends and family. Our "fan-mily" if you'll permit. Below are a few words from them.

What The Press & Our Fan-Mily Is Saying

A gleeful blend of country, pop, and rock and roll, the record has a polish befitting the individual members' considerable professional experience, but its loose whimsy lends the project a casual charm.

Dan Bolles, Seven Days Vermont

'Lost River' is a right old shin-dig of an album...[it] could easily be a favourite soundtrack a thousand summer road trips. The trio has captured whimsical folk in a glass bottle of dreams.

Simon Smith, Higher Plain Music

I've had it on repeat since very early this morning... Guys, I really am super super impressed with this. The tone, the approach, the songwriting, the harmonies (nice job on the mix, Pat!) the melodies, the lyrics, --- this was a record the three of you were born to make. Well done. Consider this email a standing ovation.

Eddy Vallante, Seawall Productions

The record is just beautiful, you guys.

Edie Carey

Its so so so good. Polished but not pretentious. It sounds like the road if that makes sense. The album has a nice flow to it---highs and lows and just plain good. Really digging Soul.

Chrystal Heinz, music supervisor for PBS' Roadtrip Nation

LOVE the new single. Love the poster. Love the band. Can't wait for the album. So happy for you guys.

Ryon Clarke, neuroscientist

I'm sitting here wondering how in hell you all could write such classic rock and roll music like Train Whistle, and Soul, plus work in country/gospel with Work It Out and Live now, and still have room for a little bit of swing tinged stuff like The People Have Spoken. This CD is just plain jaw-droppingly good! Serious good. Night Song, Heaven Knows, there is not a weak song in the set. And, having heard some of this live and being totally impressed at that point, I was plain blown away by the layers of voices and instruments on the final package. Really looking forward to having some brandy and listening with headphones later on :). Great, great job on this. The world would have been a sadder place had this not been done and released. Very very well done!

Tony Piccirillo

Love this! Loved it instantly! I'll have to look up the rest of the stuff! ‎'Spin the globe, where ever it stops I'm goin'.' Can I come?

First-time facebook listener after hearing the "Train Whistle" single

Hotels & Highways defied the laws of mainstream radio nonsense with its release of 'Lost River.' Good luck finding another blues, folk, jazz record that has the hooks to arrogate radio and the substance to get you home.

Matt Colligan,

Wait for that 'Train Whistle' to blow and let Hotels & Highways take you on a ride.

Wise Guys Nation

...stunners like 'Night Song' feature a number of relaxing, otherworldly sounds and vocals that will make you think you're listening to a performance by angels beneath a starry sky in the middle of Wyoming.

Brian Palmer, Stereo Subversion

...a very diverse and inspiring record.

Sounds Of The Car

Lost River' has an original freshness that's delivered through tight instrumental playing, good storytelling and solid vocal harmonies...the band's cross-pollination of musical styles with everything from early '60s pop tunes to acoustic back-porch blues make the [album] both undeniably catchy and alluring.

Andrzej Pilarczyk, Nippertown

The album Syd and his compatriots, Patrick Thomas and Lisa Piccirillo, were meant to make.

Matt Burgess, Burgo's Music Blog

I am so fucking proud of you guys. This record is awesome. Every bit as good as the hype. And as the most recent release I've been featured on, it now goes to the top of my discography! But seriously, great work. You all shine on it individually, and more importantly, as a group. The lack of ego on this album is remarkable. ;) Keep goin......

Matt Bogdanow, Drummer (featured on "Lost River")

This album is excellent. As I listened through I was compiling a mental list of things to mention, but it got long and stupid. So let's stick with "excellent." Congratulations on a project that attained the awesomeness for which it was bound. I'm honored to have shared the room with such talent and human goodness.

Steve Belleville, bass/guitar/banjo/mandolin/singer extraordinaire (featured on "Lost River")

Just listened to Train Whistle. And then I listened again. And now I'm listening again. And I'm going to listen again after this. Haha. Damn, dude. That is truly incredible. You guys did an unreal job. Can't wait to hear the rest. And the recording sounds great as well...

Sean Bradley, filmmaker

You should know that I listen to train whistle every morning getting ready. I ABSOLUTELY love that song. So fun.

Courtney Breslin